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Beach Guide
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By Mike Klingaman
The Baltimore Sun

Goosebumps—that's what a week at the beach offers, from a welcome dip on a hot day to a twilight prowl through the eerie haunts of the shore’s favorite towns. Some, like Lewes, Del., and Ocean City and are awash in spooky lore, some of it centuries old and anchored in grim history. Both offer creepy evening tours for vacationers seeking an other-worldly look at their summer digs.

In its 96 years, the Shoreham Hotel at Fourth Street has witnessed three deaths, making it a linchpin of the OC Ghost Walk, a 1-½ mile tour along the Boardwalk in the historic district. Half a century ago, in the basement of the Shoreham where a bar then stood, a murder occurred. Now a storage area, that cellar is said to give the hotel staff the willies, said Mindy Burgoyne.

“Doors slam and stuff flies off the shelves,” said Burgoyne, who founded the tour in 2013. “Employees are terrified to go down there.”

Some years back, she said, a paranormal investigative team from Pittsburgh checked out the Shoreham:
“The team leader deliberately locked himself in the basement that night. He ended up panicking, screaming and begging to be let out.”

Nearby stands Henry’s Colored Hotel. Now shuttered, it