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Extra Value in Extracurricular Activities
While it might be easier to think of extracurricular activities as a mere “extra” in education, the added value these experiences bring mean outside-the-classroom activities are a must-have for today’s students. Aside from building values such as responsibility, teamwork and a sense of community, involvement has been proven to improve school attendance, enhance academic success and inspire continuing education beyond high school, reports the National Education Association.

From academic prowess to personal satisfaction, extracurricular activities of any stripe have a  ifelong affect on a student’s post-high school journey. For example, a 2003 study by Eccles, Barber, Stone and Hunt noted that activities give students the opportunity to gain self knowledge  nd a sense of their strengths, values and interests.

As students dig deeper into what interests them, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s not about having the longest list of accomplishments, say college admissions counselors. Rather, involvement is about the commitment to activities reflecting the student’s interests, passion, positive contribution to others, and initial connection to a future major or career. •